Time management tips

Read our 5 tips for time management mastery


There are 24 hours in a day — learn to make the most of them. Conscious time management can boost productivity and help you achieve short and long-term goals.


Try these five tips to help you improve your routine and reach success.


  1. Do a time-spent inspection. Where does the time go? Evaluate your perceived time vs. reality. There is often a discrepancy.
  2. Determine how much study time you need. Students have a higher success rate when they allocate enough time to absorb the material.
  3. Make a daily and weekly plan. Keep track of required reading and assignments with an action plan to help you organize and prioritize deadlines.
  4. Schedule time for breaks. Taking breaks helps boost productivity and prevent burnout.
  5. Focus on your end goal. You’re advancing your education for a reason. Think of the results you’re aiming for and align your work with your goals.


It’s not about adding more time, but maximizing the time you have.