Stress Management Tips

Stress management tips – beat learner burnout


Life is a balancing act. You’re probably juggling personal and professional responsibilities all while furthering your education. Stress is unavoidable — but it is manageable.


Practice these five stress management tips to help you relax and stay focused.


      Manage your time. Don’t let deadlines defeat you. Maximize your time by working efficiently and allocating time for each of your tasks.

      Stay organized. Declutter your inbox and structure your coursework to eliminate distractions and improve productivity.

      Plan ahead. If you wait until the last minute to catch up on reading and assignments, you’ll feel stressed and overwhelmed. Make a plan for the day and the week.

      Reach out to others. You can receive support from classmates, SammieP — our chat feature for commonly asked questions, or our help desk if you need assistance.

      Try stress management techniques. Deep breathing, taking time to decompress, and doing things outside of work and school can help boost your productivity.


Following these tips can ensure you find and maintain a good balance.