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About this Certificate Program

The Tableau Data Analytics Certificate, developed and powered by Pathstream, in partnership with Tableau is an online 9-course certificate program with three distinct areas of focus that will help you gain hands-on experience with analytics tools such as Tableau, MySQL, and spreadsheets.

When you complete our online Tableau Data Analytics Certificate program, in addition to building the skills needed across a growing number of jobs and industries, you will have created a portfolio of work for future employers.

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What you will learn

  • Exploratory data analysis on real industry data requiring wrangling data, creating visualizations, calculating main characteristics, and developing hypotheses
  • Scenario-based SQL case study resulting in an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) of updated database and SQL script containing DDL and DML queries
  • Dashboard created in Tableau using a given data set


This Pearson Advance Certificate is developed and powered by Pathstream, in partnership with Tableau.



4 months

Experience Level