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Fast Track Your Career with our Digital Marketing Science certificate program

Learn to drive brands forward with our 10-week online Digital Marketing Science certificate program. Learn from industry experts to apply practical training and technical certifications on the job. This is your chance to transform brands with your passion for marketing, technology and visionary direction.  Payment plans available.

What will you learn?

When you complete our online Digital Marketing certificate program, in addition to the the industry-relevant skills you’ll learn below, you will have created a strategic digital marketing playbook, refined by industry expert feedback, to use as your portfolio.

Marketing in the Digital Age
Explore the fundamentals of marketing, from guiding the customer journey to creating cohesive strategy across channels.

Mapping Strategy to Tactics
Develop effective marketing strategies based on competitive analysis, customer personas, message mapping and original content.

Mastering Digital Marketing Channels
Build confidence in utilizing marketing tactics like SEO, paid search and social, A/B testing and full funnel engagement.

Using Marketing Technology
Become proficient with necessary technology such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Hubspot, marketing automation and the Martech stack.

Highlight your robust skills in digital marketing and in-demand technology certifications. Prove your expertise and bring a heightened level of value to current and future employers.

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When you successfully complete our course, you’ll earn your Digital Marketing Science certificate of completion along with three in-demand technology certifications.

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“This program gave me a holistic understanding of marketing concepts and strategy which allowed me to build a platform from which I’ve been able to advance my marketing career.”

Katie McNeill

Digital Marketing Science Program Graduate

This Pearson Pathways Program is offered in partnership with Maryville University’s workforce development initiative. This is a non-credit program to enable learners to rapidly gain new skills, enrich knowledge, and/or experience online learning to better prepare for credit education.