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Learning Programme Overview

Employers are no longer just looking for people with technical specialist skills; they are also looking to find staff who can represent their brand effectively and who have the right mix of transferable skills and personal behaviours to deal with the challenges of the modern workplace. Having the right mix of these skills and behaviours will enable you to become more personally effective in carrying out your job role.

People who are personally effective are able to make the best use of their abilities. They are better able to manage their time and emotions, get along with their colleagues, deal with changing situations and challenges, solve problems, manage their personal performance and ultimately become strong ambassadors for their organisation.

Having the right mix of transferable skills and personal behaviours will enable you to become more productive in your job role and to better contribute to the success of your organisation.

In this learning programme, you will learn about professionalism and its importance in the workplace. You will develop knowledge and understanding of the transferable skills and personal behaviours that underpin personal effectiveness in your chosen job role, the strategies for developing these skills and personal behaviours and the benefits they provide.

This is a self-paced course that you can complete at any time. There are some assignments/ worksheets included as part of the course, however, these are not essential for you to complete as a self-paced learner.

Learning Outcomes

1. A definition of professionalism
2. The four characteristics of professionalism and what is expected for each of these
3. The benefits of professionalism to an employer and employee
4. What it means to communicate with empathy


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