Studio Advanced: Expanded Course Creation Techniques

10 Hours 2 - 5 Hours per week recommended

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About this course

Studio Advanced is a course for experienced course designers in edX Studio – people who have already built at least one online class on the edX platform. If you’re more of an edX beginner, you might want to take StudioX first.

This course has been designed to enable you to dip in and out of learning as you require it, as well as support linear learning pathways.

The course is organized into four main sections: advanced planning, improved procedures, short projects and long projects.

What you’ll learn

  • Create a style sheet for a course
  • Write better basic problems
  • Build advanced problem types
  • Use grading libraries
  • Design alternative navigationUse anti-cheating measures
  • Create interactive walkthroughs
  • Beautify your landing pages
  • Leverage edX advanced settings
  • Enable a resource sharing form
  • Write new problem types with JSInput
  • Build a content library
  • Consider different approaches to adaptive learning
  • Track data in realtime

Meet your instructors

Colin Fredericks

About Me

Dr. Fredericks is a Senior Project Lead at HarvardX, specializing in instructional technology. He has helped to build multiple edX courses, including Super-Earths and Life , Energy Within Environmental Constraints , The Health Effects of Climate Change , and more. In his off time he writes roleplaying games and participates in science advocacy.

Amy Woodgate

About Me

Amy Woodgate is an Instructional Designer and Online Learning consultant, specialising in digital strategy and learning at scale. She is Director and founder of Woodgate Consulting - an education strategy and production company, which leads design and creation of MOOCs and online courses across all leading digital platforms.


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