Pearson Advance Course Design

This course covers the fundamentals of designing and developing courses on the Pearson Advance edX platform - what they are, who they are intended for, and general course design best practices.

4 weeks 10 - 12 Hours per week recommended

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About this course

Pearson Advance Course Design is for anyone interested in designing and developing courses on the Pearson Advance Open edX platform including instructional designers, course and/or content developers. We are excited to welcome you on this journey!

As a course creator, you are a contributor, and your course can have greater impact and farther reach than the courses in traditional degree programs. Here are some examples of how your course might be offered:

  • As a single course on a particular topic/skill set
  • As part of the series for a certificate
  • As a requirement for various degree programs in partnership with established institutions: professional certificate, Micro credentials, Micro masters, Micro bachelors, etc.

What You’ll Learn

This course will help you:

  • Describe what Pearson Advance is
  • Define the target audience for your course
  • Create a course outline
  • Develop a course map
  • Apply Studio design concepts
  • Establish a course launch checklist

Meet your instructor

Pearson Learning Design

This self-paced course was designed by Pearson’s Learning Design Solutions (LDS) team; a team of instructional designers who design over 2,500 courses each year. They bring their instructional design expertise to align all course elements and integrate engaging learning experiences to support you as you make your way through the course at your own pace. The course has been designed to ensure you are gaining the valuable skills and knowledge you need in order to be complete the course successfully.