Management in Engineering I

Course 3 of 8: Principles of Manufacturing 8 weeks total 10 – 12 hours each week recommended

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About this course

Managerial ability is an important element of technology companies in an increasingly global and diverse business environment. Combining learned heuristics and techniques for effective decision-making while leveraging technical knowledge is a highly in-demand skill by employers at technical companies. This course will help you bridge the gap between engineers and businesspeople, placing you in an important position that few others can fill.

As part of the Principles of Manufacturing MicroMasters program, this course aims to teach learners key principles and practices used in engineering management. You will first learn basic business functional knowledge—financial accounting, sales, marketing, operations, and topics related to entrepreneurship. The focus is on the development of individual skills and management tools.

Develop the engineering and management skills needed for competence and competitiveness in today’s manufacturing industry with the Principles of Manufacturing MicroMasters Credential, designed and delivered by MIT’s #1-ranked Mechanical Engineering department in the world. Learners who pass the 8 courses in the program will earn the MicroMasters Credential and qualify to apply to gain credit towards MIT’s Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing & Design program.

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamental business knowledge across finance, sales, and marketing
  • Construct financial statements and perform ration analyses
  • Apply analytical tools to business decisions
  • Develop a technical strategy that can be applied across multiple industries


Basic understanding of business organizations. Technical background (e.g. Bachelor’s in engineering) is also beneficial.


Meet Your Instructors

Jung-Hoon Chun - Pearson Advance

Jung-Hoon Chun

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jung-Hoon Chun is director of the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity and a professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has been a member of the MIT Mechanical Engineering faculty since 1989, and has over 100 publications and patents to his credit.

Abbott Weiss

Senior Lecturer, Supply Chain Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Throughout his career, Abbott Weiss has been on the leading edge of supply chain thinking and practice--designing and executing powerful business solutions integrating multi-billion dollar global transportation, logistics, order fulfillment, manufacturing, customer services, planning, and materials systems. He is currently a consultant and a Senior Lecturer at MIT in supply chain management.
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