Lean Principles for Scrum


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Course Overview

Part I explores the rich history of Lean from its beginnings in the 1900s to today. It also reviews the fundamental concepts behind Lean and its offshoots such as Kanban and Lean Product Development so that you have a solid understanding of how and why it has worked so well. The end of Part I takes a look at where Lean and Scrum overlap, where they might conflict, and how best to blend these two approaches.

Part II of this course concentrates on taking what was learned in Part 1 and integrating those principles into a Scrum implementation. Lean is a vast subject with many different facets, so I have chosen to focus on four areas that I have found to best augment a Scrum implementation. We start by exposing hidden work and making it visible so that we can be transparent and identify issues with our overall process. This information then helps us talk about how to optimize the flow of our entire process, not just the part where we are writing code. As we start to master optimization, we might find that time boxes become restrictive, so we cover how to move to continuous delivery and break out of our sprints. Plus we take a deeper look into how we determine the value of the features we are developing so that we can make quick, informed decisions that help us get value to our customers faster. And lastly, I tell you three stories of integrating Lean into Scrum from my own experience to give you an idea of how this can be done.

What You Will Learn

  • Foundation in Lean principles
  • Practices for applying Lean principles in a Scrum implementation


  • Knowledge of Scrum and Agile principles
  • Scrum Fundamentals LiveLessons video course by Tommy Norman recommended as a pre-requisite (not required)

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