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Learning Programme Overview

Welcome to the First Line Management online learning programme. Whether you are currently a team leader or supervisor in your workplace or you intend to work in a first line management role in the future, this programme will help you to develop and apply the technical and behavioural knowledge and understanding required to become competent and successful in your role.

The First Line Management online learning programme is designed to support the off-the-job training and development of learners on the Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship programme. You will be engaging with high quality interactive learning content that is mapped to the apprenticeship’s standard, and which enables you to self-direct your learning and access this programme from anywhere and at any time.

This online learning programme is also suitable for non-apprenticeship learners, who may or may not be in employment, and want to develop their technical knowledge and understanding to prepare for employment or to take their career to the next level.

Specifically, this programme will assist you to navigate some of your key responsibilities in a first line management role, such as managing and developing team members; managing projects; planning and monitoring workloads and resources; delivering operational plans; resolving problems; and building relationships internally and externally.

The First Line Management online learning programme is designed to help you:

  • Develop the technical and theoretical knowledge and understanding that underpins competence in a first line management job role.
  • Develop your understanding of a range of transferable skills and professional attributes that support successful performance as a first line manager.
  • Develop the ability to apply this knowledge, skills and professional attributes in a realistic work environment.
  • Develop confidence and readiness for the apprenticeship end-point assessment.
  • Develop your personal growth and engagement in learning and self-development.

Course Structure 

The programme consists of six units, including:

Unit 1: Principles of Leadership
Unit 2: Principles of Managing Operations and Budgets
Unit 3: Principles of Managing People
Unit 4: Principles of Communication and Relationship Management
Unit 5: Principles of Project Management
Unit 6: Understanding Personal Effectiveness as a Manager

Each unit contains several modules, which shouldn’t take you more than an hour to complete. You will be introduced to the programme concepts via a range of engaging media, including videos, infographics and comic strips. You will be able to assess your own learning through short interactive quizzes that provide immediate feedback. You will also complete a range of worksheets at the end of each module, which have been designed to test your understanding of the content and highlight any gaps.

Tutor Support

Should you have any queries that arise as you progress through the programme, draw on your tutor for support.

You are now ready to begin! Ensure that you are in a quiet, non-distracting environment as you begin Unit 1: Principles of Leadership.


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