Enterprise Agile Transformation


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Course Overview

Enterprise Agile Transformation LiveLessons presents a model and a defined plan to transform your organization. Agile and Change consultant Robert Annis presents the Model for Activating Change in your Organization (MACO). Robert walks you through the three phases of MACO—Assessment, Preparation, and Delivery—which are intentionally simple and intended to be continuously repeated. These phases, along with successful Leadership change (also taught in the course) are the drivers for environmental change and enablement.

What You Will Learn

  • Plan, lead, and deliver organizational change
  • Learn the different players in an organizational change, and how to manage the relationship with them for success
  • Report on transformational success and failure, and understand the metrics to use
  • Realize the different staffing models in these transformations and the options they each provide
  • Create loyalty to the change so that the organizational change has a much greater chance of success


  • Familiarity with Agile practices
  • The student also should have knowledge of their organizational structure, a willingness and openness to learn, and an understanding of their impediments to success. In short, they should have the awareness of their organization’s problems, the intended future state, and a desire to change their situation aligned with the knowledge of the investment that it will take.

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