Engineering Calculus and Differential Equations

6 Weeks 3 Hours per week

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What you’ll learn

  • Limits, Continuity, and Differentiation in Engineering Calculus
  • Applications of Derivatives
  • Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates
  • Techniques of Integration
  • Applications of Definite Integrals
  • Engineering Differential Equations and First Order Equations
  • Homogeneous,Inhomogeneous Equations, and Exact Equations
  • Homogeneous Linear Equations with Constant Coefficients
  • Cauchy-Euler Equations andLaplace Transforms
  • How to analyze a given engineering problem
  • Ways to identify appropriate calculus and ordinary differential equations (ODE) skills
  • How to formulate the mathematical problem
  • How to find the solutions for engineering problems

Meet your instructor

Kwok Wing Chow

Professor K.W. Chow is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at HKU. His research interests focus on wave propagation, fluid mechanics and nonlinear dynamics, especially on the topics of solitons and rogue waves. He has also worked extensively in biomedical engineering fields, e.g. the applications of continuum mechanics to blood flow diseases (aneurysms and stenosis). He has served on the Editorial Board of the journal Wave Motion and the Assessment Panel of the Innovation and Technology Bureau of the Government. In terms of teaching, he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in fluid mechanics, differential equations, complex variables, numerical analysis, probability and statistics.

Kai Man Tsang

Professor K.M. Tsang is a professor in the Department of Mathematics at HKU. His main research is in the area of Analytic Number Theory, in particular, in connection with the Riemann zeta-function and Waring-Goldbach type equations. Apart from the present course, Professor Tsang also teaches/has taught courses on Number Theory, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, etc.


6 Weeks

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University of Hong Kong

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