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Six hours of video instruction for AWS security professionals. The AWS Certified Security – Specialty Complete Video Course has been tailored for the security professional seeking to take and pass the certification exam. It provides directed study of the exam topics using detailed explanations of the 5 questions domains with examples, diagrams, and case studies along with sample exam questions with extensive explanations as to their solutions.


AWS Certifications are among the most sought-after in the Technology sector, and the certification exams cover a wide range of services, technologies, and implementation patterns. The Security – Specialty certification is not an entry-level exam and the questions reflect the difficulty required to fully test the holistic knowledge of AWS security professionals. The AWS Certified Security – Specialty Complete Video Course targets the certification exam and provides directed study of the exam topics by targeting the exam logistics and providing detailed demonstrations, examples, and case studies pertaining to all 5 of the question domains. In addition to each domain, a sample exam question is provided at the end of each lesson along with a logical walk-through of how to solve it.

Chad Smith has made an extensive career of AWS and cloud security, and is uniquely qualified as an AWS architect and experienced system administrator to impart his knowledge of the AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam.

Topics include:
Module 1 AWS Certified Security – Specialty Basics
Module 2 Incident Response
Module 3 Logging and Monitoring
Module 4 Infrastructure Security
Module 5 Identity and Access Management
Module 6 Data Protection
Module 7 Next Steps

About the Instructor

Chad Smith is the Principal Cloud Architect at He is a certified architect for both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. He brings a wealth of relevant experience in cloud adoption, infrastructure design, data security and cloud operations. Chad holds current AWS certifications in Architecture (Associate and Professional), SysOps and Security.

Skill Level

Learn How To

  • Interpret the every-day skills you have in AWS security, and apply them to the 5 domains of the exam
  • Apply tried-and-true study techniques specific to the AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam
  • Use case studies to determine the correct security responses for various incidents involving broken monitoring situations, automated log management, and complex implementation scenarios
  • Use several IAM policy examples, and troubleshoot a series of broken permissions examples
  • Enable server-side encryption for CloudWatch logs
  • Implement end-to-end encryption for an application infrastructure

Who Should Take This Course

  • AWS security professionals seeking to advance their career, and prove their knowledge and experience, by adding the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification to their CV.

Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of AWS security concepts
  • Basic knowledge of general security concepts

Table of Contents
Module 1 AWS Certified Security – Specialty Basics
Lesson 1 AWS Certified Security – Specialty Basics
Module 2 Incident Response
Lesson 2 Incident Response
Module 3 Logging and Monitoring
Lesson 3 Security Monitoring
Lesson 4 Logging Solutions
Module 4 Infrastructure Security
Infrastructure Security Part 1
Infrastructure Security Part 2
Module 5 Identity and Access Management
Lesson 7 Permission and Roles
Lesson 8 Federation and Resource-based Access Control
Module 6 Data Protection
Lesson 9 Key Management
Lesson 10 Data Encryption At-rest and in Transit
Module 7 Next Steps
Lesson 11 Next Steps

Module descriptions

Module 1 consists of a single lesson, which introduces the Security – Specialty certification. It will detail the prerequisites and skills required to be a successful candidate for certification.

Module 2 is the first discussion of the official exam content and will be a single lesson. It will cover the first of the five question domains, called Incident Response.

Module 3 consists of two lessons, collectively covering the second exam question domain called “Logging and Monitoring.” This broad topic will be split into Lesson 3, Security Monitoring, and Lesson 4, Logging Solutions.

Module 4, has two lessons covering the third exam question domain, “Infrastructure Security.” Lesson 5 explains securing AWS from global and regional perspectives, and Lesson 6 goes through host-based security and troubleshooting issues.

Module 5 has two lessons to cover the fourth exam question domain, called “Identity and Access Management.” Lesson 7 will detail the mechanisms for permissions and roles. In Lesson 8, we’ll discuss federation and resource-based access control.

Module 6 is made up of two lessons, covering the fifth and final exam question domain, “Data Protection.” Lesson 9 is all about key management for encryption and authentication, and in Lesson 10 data encryption methods are discussed, both at-rest and in-transit.

Module 7covers next steps toward certification. The single lesson in this module, Lesson 11, is full of resources and strategies for passing the exam.

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