Program Overview

This XSeries Program has been designed to influence, empower and educate a wider population to improve the health and healthcare of people with intellectual disability.

Worldwide, 60+ million people with intellectual disability experience poor health, die prematurely and receive inadequate healthcare. You will gain an understanding of the barriers and enablers for people with intellectual disability, their families, and their healthcare providers.

In our courses, you will learn about best practice in the field of intellectual disability healthcare and gain knowledge to improve health outcomes for this disadvantaged group.

What you will learn

  • What is the experience of people with intellectual disability around the world, what barriers do they face, and how do they overcome these?
  • What are their healthcare needs and how can good health be promoted?
  • What health conditions do they commonly experience and how can these be assessed and managed?
  • What influence do other factors such as ageing and epilepsy have on their health?
  • What mental health issues do they have and how can these be recognised and managed?
  • What are some of the ethical and legal issues that are of particular relevance to them?

Program class list

Through My Eyes - Intellectual Disability Healthcare around the World

Course Details
Learn, from personal stories, the daily life and challenges faced by those with intellectual disabilities.

Well and Able - Improving the Physical Health of People with Intellectual Disability

Course Details
Learn how to help those with intellectual disability achieve better health.

Able-Minded - Mental Health and People with Intellectual Disability

Course Details
Gain an understanding of mental health issues and ethical decision-making for people with intellectual disability.

Meet your instructors

Miriam Taylor

Miriam is the former Education Coordinator at the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability in the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland. She has a wealth of educational design experience for multi-users including people with intellectual disability, their families, disability organisations and health practitioners. Miriam has established an ongoing international collaboration with and is an invited contributor to the first World Disability Report for the World Health Organisation.

Nicholas Lennox

Nick is the former Director of the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability at the University of Queensland. He is a researcher, educator, advocate and clinician and has specialised in the health of adults with intellectual disability since 1992. He is trained in general practice, and has developed interventions to improve the health of people with intellectual disability.

Program Overview

Current medical services in the healthcare system aren’t designed to maintain good health and the services intended to improve health often fail miserably. The rise in chronic disease and healthcare spending is a looming global crisis.

Lifestyle Medicine involves the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, to prevent, treat, and, oftentimes, reverse the lifestyle-related, chronic disease that’s all too prevalent. This type of healthcare approach provides quality improvements for the future of healthcare.

In this professional series, Dr. Amanda McKinney, an American College of Lifestyle Medicine fellow, explores Lifestyle Medicine’s principles and how to use them in treating many common chronic diseases. Licensed medical practitioners, can refresh or add to their existing knowledge of Lifestyle Medicine.

What you will learn

  • Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies
  • The root causes of chronic diseases
  • Specific lifestyle based treatment protocols
  • The skills needed to help patients make difficult lifestyle and behavior changes to treat chronic diseases of lifestyle

Program Class List

Lifestyle Medicine Fundamentals

Course Details
Learn key concepts of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches used to prevent and treat the root causes of lifestyle-related, chronic diseases.

Lifestyle Medicine Treatments of Chronic Disease – Part 1

Course Details
Learn specific lifestyle medicine treatment protocols for a variety of chronic diseases, such as breast cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Lifestyle Medicine Treatments of Chronic Disease – Part 2

Course Details
Learn specific lifestyle medicine treatment protocols for a variety of chronic diseases, such as prostate cancer, osteoporosis, and depression.

Applying Health Coaching in Patient Care

Course Details
Learn essential coaching techniques to assist patients with behavior and lifestyle modifications.

Meet your instructors

Kelsey Pruss

M.S., ACSM-CPT, Program Manager at Doane University
Kelsey Pruss is a wellness-lifestyle medicine coordinator, health coach, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer with a passion for demonstrating how nutrition and behavior change can elevate overall health. She has a Master’s of Science degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences, an ACSM certification as a personal trainer and is the Program Director of Doane University's Institute for Human and Planetary Health (IHPH). Throughout her career, Kelsey has focused on improving human health by providing alternatives to detrimental lifestyle behavior; creating healthy, resilient individuals. Creating a global culture of healthy lifestyles will have a positive impact on human and planetary health.

Amanda McKinney

Associate Dean of Health Sciences & Executive Director of the Institute of Human & Planetary Health at Doane University
Amanda McKinney is a physician with a passion for Lifestyle Medicine and environmental issues who recognizes the intimate relationship between our food and the health of both humans and the planet. She is both a Fellow and a member of the Board of Directors of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Director of Doane University's Institute for Human and Planetary Health (IHPH). She founded the IHPH to improve human health by transforming medical education and healthcare delivery and creating healthy, resilient communities. Creating a culture of healthy food, grown sustainably, will have a positive impact on human and planetary health.

Program endorsements

“Dr. Amanda McKinney has formulated a series of lifestyle medicine courses that thoroughly stress fundamental and foundational knowledge. This highly professional contribution is definitely a must for anyone aspiring to possess the necessary tools essential for excellence in the specialty of lifestyle medicine.”

Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. , MD ACLM 2017 Lifetime Achievement Winner

“Dr. Amanda McKinney has formulated a series of lifestyle medicine courses that thoroughly stress fundamental and foundational knowledge. This highly professional contribution is definitely a must for anyone aspiring to possess the necessary tools essential for excellence in the specialty of lifestyle medicine.”

Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. , MD ACLM 2017 Lifetime Achievement Winner

Program overview

The Healthcare Administration MicroMasters program consists of 7 courses and a capstone exam. After completing, you can also apply to Doane University to complete your MBA online for approximately $10,500 (more details below).

The demand for skilled Healthcare Administrators is projected to grow 17 percent between 2016 and 2026,

The Healthcare Administration MicroMasters program will introduce learners to management and leadership frameworks, theories and case studies specific to healthcare organizations. It will also prepare students with the skills to manage the complex issues inherent in healthcare systems and lead in the public health sector.

Learners will examine a variety of evidence-based methods to advocate for patients, families, and communities, as well as within healthcare organizations. They will also explore financial management techniques used to prepare budgets, develop financial forecasts, assess investment alternatives, and leverage capital structures all within the context of healthcare organizations and explore the healthcare system economic environment by taking on managerial roles.

What you will learn

  • How to use management and leadership frameworks, theories, and case studies to address complex issues in healthcare organizations
  • Evidence-based methods for planning, organizing, leading, and advocating for patients, families and communities in the public health sector
  • How to manage the economic environment in healthcare
  • Financial Management techniques to prepare budgets, financial forecasts, assess investment alternatives, and leverage capital structures within healthcare organizations
  • Evaluate the value of new healthcare delivery systems and interventions on the basis of quality, safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness using accumulated data.
  • Evaluate health policy as it applies to industry economics, needs demands and quality of care.
  • Apply advocacy skills including quality of care, patients-rights, cultural competency and preventative care.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of healthcare system providers, financing, consumerism, past and future trends and regulatory and legal framework.
  • Apply leadership frameworks, skills and functions of management in planning, organizing leadership and systems control.

MicroMasters in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Organization and Delivery Models

Course Details
Learn how the structure and delivery of healthcare systems can greatly impact health outcomes.

Health Informatics and Technology in Decision Making

Course Details
Leaders in a healthcare environment are faced withdecisions and challenges every day that can affect public health. Learn about health informatics solutions, powerful tools in managing datato makeevidence-baseddecisions.

Healthcare Finance, Economics and Risk

Course Details
Gain the knowledge of financial systems needed to be a leader or administrator in the healthcare industry and how they impact strategic planning, quality assurance and risk management initiatives.

Health Law, Policy, and Advocacy

Course Details
Explore important issues in health law. Discover how health policies are developed, adopted and implemented, as well as the factors that influence this process.

Vulnerable Populations

Course Details
Explore the ethics behind global approaches to the care of diverse vulnerable populations in order to provide comprehensive care to all populations within a healthcare system.

Organizational Culture and Change in Healthcare

Course Details
Learn social, behavioral, and organizational science methods for driving organizational change in the healthcare industry.

Strategic Leadership in Healthcare

Course Details
Develop your own leadership style, while also coaching and mentoring teams to promote individual growth and improve organizational outcomes.

Healthcare Administration Comprehensive Exam

Course Details
Take the Comprehensive Exam and demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the Healthcare Administration MicroMasters program to earn the DoaneX MicroMasters credential.

Meet Your Instructors

Nicholas King

MS at Doane University
Nicholas King's background is in the field of Technology and Healthcare. He works for Cerner Corporation and implements Fetal monitoring interfaces on a day to day basis. Nick received his Masters in Health Informatics from the University of Missouri, Columbia. His undergraduate field of study was Management Information Systems. He enjoys working in Healthcare Technology because he gets to help in hospitals and work with technology at the same time. Through his job, Nick has had the privilege of experiencing healthcare in many different regions of the world including (UAE, UK, Ireland, and Australia). He finds it extremely rewarding to be able to learn and compare the styles healthcare across the world.
Alice Kindschuh - Pearson Advance

Alice Kindschuh

DNP, APRN-CNS, CNE at Doane University
Dr. Alice Kindschuh is a Board Certified Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist and is licensed as an Advanced Practice Nurse in Nebraska. Prior nursing experiences include staff nurse and nurse manager in acute, long term, and ambulatory care. She has served as a faculty member in ADN, BSN, and MSN programs prior to coming to Nebraska Methodist College. Dr. Kindschuh is a full time faculty member at Nebraska Methodist College, serving as the Director of Doctoral Studies. She is active in several professional groups and boards including Nebraska Nurse's Association, National Gerontological Nursing Association, Sigma Theta Tau, Midwest Nursing Research Society, and the Nebraska Advanced Nursing Practice Board. Areas of Expertise: higher education geriatrics population health

Kimberley Meisinger

PhD at Doane University
Dr. Kimberley Meisinger has over 18 years of experience as a professional Registered Nurse. Her career began in the acute setting of critical care and medical surgical nursing. Her career progressed to include experience in nursing education and administration in the areas of quality management, nursing management and corporate education. She earned her BSN from the University Nebraska Medical Center, MSN from Nebraska Wesleyan University, MS in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Creighton University School of Law and completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) specializing in Clinical Systems Administration from Creighton University School of Nursing. Dr. Meisinger was a post-doctoral fellow at Arizona State University focusing on Nursing and Healthcare Innovation. Dr. Meisinger is a board certified Nurse Executive and a certified mediator for the State of Nebraska. In addition to her teaching experience, Dr. Meisinger works in private practice as a patient advocate. She works with physicians, clients and organization to develop strategies and interventions to best advocate for patients and families.
Debora Sepich - Pearson Advance

Debora Sepich

EdD MBA at Doane University
Debora Sepich is an entrepreneur turned educator who has spent the last 15 years blurring the lines between the world of work and the halls of education. Debora is the Director of Graduate Business and Technology Programs at Doane University. Prior to working at Doane University, she founded Dolphin Software, an environmental health and safety software company focused on supporting pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other highly regulated industries focus on protecting people, the planet while also making sustainable profits. Debora is delighted to be marrying her years of applied business experience with online education.
Susan Sapp - Pearson Advance

Susan Sapp

JD at Doane University
Susan Sapp has a general civil trial practice which includes labor and employment issues, medical and legal malpractice defense and insurance defense. She represents school districts, hospitals, doctors, employers and insurance companies in all aspects of legal representation. She also handles all aspects of adoption proceedings. In addition, Susan serves as mediator in personal injury and employment cases. Susan is admitted to practice law in Nebraska, Iowa, the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.
Helen Abdali Soosan Fagan - Pearson Advance

Helen Abdali Soosan Fagan

PhD at Doane University
Dr. Fagan is a Leadership and Diversity scholar and consultant. She is the Principal and Founder of Global Leadership Group, a Lecturer at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a Developing Leaders coach at Doane University. Helen has a Ph.D. in Human Sciences with emphasis in Leadership. She studied International Economics and British Political Economy at Oxford University during the formation of the European Union. Helen is a Certified Diversity Trainer, a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, and a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Trainer, and Executive Coach. For the last 3 years she has also served as a faculty with the Qatar Institute for Intercultural Communication providing workshops for faculty, staff and graduate students working at 6 US universities in Education City in Qatar. Dr. Fagan’s expertise in developing inclusive leaders, organizations and communities has enabled her to speak is multiple nations and at last count 4 continents. Dr. Fagan’s passion is to develop leaders who create better tomorrows.

Stephanie LaPuma

PhD, MBA at Doane University
Dr. Stephanie LaPuma is a student-centered educator who enjoys educating others. Dr. LaPuma has 12 years in health care at varying levels within organizations that includes practitioner, manager, director, and educator, and over 15 years in higher education teaching, developing curriculum for health care programs, directing programs and in administration as an Associate Dean and Dean. She has extensive teaching experiences in on-ground and online courses in graduate and undergraduate programs. The programs that she has taught in include M.S. in Organizational Performance, M.S. in Healthcare Administration, and B.S. in Healthcare Management, MBA in Health Care degree programs. Her research has included the study of mergers and acquisitions and their effects on employee job satisfaction, and the study of leaders and their leadership styles effect on employee well-being taking into account an employee's generational identity.
Jody Woodworth - Pearson Advance

Jody Woodworth

PhD at Doane University Dr. Jody Woodworth attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center and graduated with an Associate and later a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology. She worked for nine years as a Lead Nuclear Cardiac Technologist. She continued her education with a new career focus and earned a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and worked as a Project Analysts applying her knowledge in economics and management. She graduated with her Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 2009 in Higher Education Administration. For the past 18 years she works in higher education as a professor and administrator.