About this course

Whether you’re new to teaching online or are looking for new teaching strategies to implement in your online class, our goal is that you find value in this carefully constructed experience we’ve designed for you. This learning experience is adapted from ASU’s flagship workshop for ASU Online faculty, called “Master Class for Teaching Online”.

In this self-paced experience, you’ll learn about topics that are recognized to be effective in online teaching, yet they really can be applied in any modality. So if you’re teaching remotely, in a hybrid format, or in a traditional classroom, our goal is that you’ll learn something new that you can apply immediately.

Even though this is an on-demand and self-paced resource, we encourage you to join the community forums created specifically for this experience. You will have an opportunity to contribute by sharing your own ideas and philosophies around provided prompts. It’s a great way to connect to a broader teaching and learning community and to the knowledge and experiences that reside with your fellow participants.

This course is NOT edX platform training. It is designed to facilitate peer sharing of strategies for designing and teaching online courses.

What you’ll learn

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Contribute to a learning community.
  • Demonstrate proficient edX navigation from the student perspective.
  • Describe key components of online student success.
  • Apply question design principles to facilitate effective and engaging class discussions.
  • Explain the value of implementing the Quality Matters Rubric in course design.
  • Identify instructional alignment using Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Analyze various pedagogical approaches for delivering course content online.
  • Describe design and delivery techniques of effective lectures.
  • Prepare content for optimizing instructor presence in an online course.
  • Create a plan for implementing Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online resources in an online course.

Meet your instructors

Diane Ellison

About Me

Diane has worked in higher education for 17 years; with experience in online learning, faculty development, student mentoring, and 14 years of experience as a faculty member teaching in online courses. She develops learning experiences designed to leverage learning technology, faculty expertise, and instructional design strategies to transform the learner experience. Diane has BA in Communication from Arizona State University, an MBA, and MAED in Instructional Technology.

Renee Pilbeam

About Me

Renee brings over 10 years of instructional design, teaching (face-to-face and online), and faculty development experience in the higher education space to the EdPlus team. She believes deeply in the power that education has to transform people’s lives. Through partnerships with faculty, she works to develop learning experiences that are based in sound learning design, leverages the strengths of the technology, highlights the passion of the faculty, and delivers the impactful learning experiences that learners deserve. In addition to working with faculty to design and deliver exceptional courses, she also equips faculty with best practices and strategies for engaging with learners and teaching effectively online. She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Technology from Arizona State University.

Vicki Harmon

About Me

Vicki works in coordination with colleagues to develop and deliver workshops and just-in-time materials focused on the pedagogy of teaching online. Vicki is lead facilitator for ASU Online’s flagship workshop, the two-week Master Class for Teaching Online. She also serves as an Instructional Designer in support of the Doctor of Education in Leadership and Innovation, and the online degree programs within the Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics. Vicki has been at ASU for 28 years. She has a Bachelor Degree in Music Education and Masters of Arts from Western Kentucky University.