Program overview

Gain the essential knowledge and expertise in network security and forensics needed for cybersecurity in enterprise environments.

In this Cybersecurity MicroMasters® program, you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of networks;
  • Systems administration;
  • How to protect computer networks and other systems by mitigating vulnerabilities and monitoring intrusions;
  • How to perform digital forensic analysis of cybercrime by gathering information on the nature and extent of the attack for presentation in a court of law, as well as assessing the extent of the damage to an organization;
  • Techniques of risk analysis;
  • Risk assessment and vulnerability assessment.

The MicroMasters® program capstone experience for verified learners entails practical demonstration of these skills.

What you will learn

  • How to setup and secure basic computer systems and networks
  • Information security risk management framework and methodologies
  • How to implement network security solutions and detect intrusions
  • How to conduct a digital forensics investigation admissible to a court
  • To practice cybersecurity skills in real world scenarios

Program Class List

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Course Details
Learn cybersecurity fundamentals, including how to detect threats, protect systems and networks, and anticipate potential cyber attacks.

Computer Forensics

Course Details
Learn the process, techniques and tools for performing a digital forensics investigation to obtain data related to computer crimes.

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Course Details
Learn key principles of risk analysis, risk assessment and risk mitigation for information security using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Network Security

Course Details
Learn the process of network security, including intrusion detection, evidence collection, network auditing, and contingency planning against attacks.

Cybersecurity Capstone

Course Details
Demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the Cybersecurity MicroMasters® Program.

Meet Your Instructors

Bo Yuan - Pearson Advance

Bo Yuan

Professor of Computing Security at RIT

Bo Yuan is a professor of computing security at the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at RIT. He received his PhD in Systems Science from Binghamton University.

Jonathan S. Weissman

Senior Lecturer, Computing Security at Rochester Institute of Technology

Jonathan S. Weissman is a senior lecturer in the Department of Computing Security at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he was awarded the RIT Outstanding Teaching Award in 2014, the RIT GCCIS Outstanding Educator Award in 2018, and the RIT Distinguished Teacher Recognition Program Honors in 2019. He was also awarded the RIT Disability Services Office Kudos in 2014 and the RIT GCCIS Parking Pass for March 2018. In total, he's the recipient of 8 teaching honors and awards.

Tong Sun - Pearson Advance

Tong Sun

Adjunct Professor, Computing Security at RIT

Dr. Tong Sun is an adjunct professor at Department of Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology. She is leading data analytics research lab at PARC, Xerox Company. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Rhode Island, MS in Artificial Intelligence from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.

Yin Pan - Pearson Advance

Yin Pan

Professor, Computing Security at RIT

Yin is a Professor in the Computing Security department. She received her Ph.D. in Systems Science and M.S. degree in Computer Science from Binghamton University in 1997.